Bespoken Workshops dedicated to Personal Growth. 

I work as a Professional Counselor (REG-A1877-2016) adding to BioGestalt Counseling techniques a touch of creativity and playfulness.

The LAB:

LAB is a place where we train the mind, the body and the emotions. A playground for personal growth and self-empowerment. A place created with the heart to welcome people looking for help, testing new ways of being, of feeling different emotional shades, letting go what we do not need, being creative.

I would say “we play to be authentic”, getting rid of all the structures that are limiting our true being: blocks, defenses, masks, conditionings, wrong ideas about ourselves. The goal is to learn to feel fine with what is there, instead of losing all of our energy in trying to be different from who we are, try to be more acceptable for other people, living a life made of illusion and expectations.

“When something in us is not working anymore, when we do not go with the flow, it’s time to get a change! The change starts from inside, by awakening our sleepy resources.”