About us

We love flea markets, functionality and simple things.
We love past with its tradition, future with its innovation: most of all we like to mix them HERE and NOW.
We love fibers, fabrics, colors, raw materials, glitter and decorations.
We love quality, depth, authenticity inside and outside. We love observing nature.
We love celebrating life, feeling all emotions, being total and present in all what I do.
We love hosting and being hosted, to travel and to party with friends.
We love to be by myself, listen to silence, meditate.
We love opposites.
We love metaphors.

We do not like: fake things, hierarchy.

About us

MY STORY. I was born and raised in Coggiola, a small village in Biella area, north-west of Italy surrounded by nature.

Textile education plus MA in languages and economics in Milano, Università Cattolica where I learned languages and some economy and marketing basis.

Born creative, I work since 2001 in the fashion industry.

Seeking after truth since many years, I started a personal growth path in 2008, meeting meditation and therapy.

Supervising and facilitating creative teams gave me a hard time, so I decided to ask for support. After a short-term coaching path, I decided it was time to go deeply into human beings personalities, starting from myself. It was time to start a Counseling education, that lasts for three years.

Now working as a Creative Counselor with individuals, couples and groups.


About Marina

Amo i rutamat, i mercatini, le ferramenta, l’arte povera, la funzionalità. Amo il passato per la sua tradizione e il futuro per l’innovazione. Amo le fibre, i tessuti, i colori, la materia grezza, il glitter e le decorazioni. Amo la qualità, la profondità, l’autenticità dentro e fuori. Amo osservare la natura. Amo respirare, cantare, ballare, ridere, piangere, camminare, mangiare, bere e fare l’amore. Mi piace stare con gli amici, ospitare, essere ospitata, viaggiare. Mi piace stare da sola, isolarmi e meditare. Mi piacciono gli opposti. Mi piacciono le metafore. Non mi piacciono: i posti finti, i luoghi affollati, le persone non vere, il traffico, i locali alla moda, le cose che vanno di moda, la coerenza, il perbenismo, le formalità…


Our land is completely pests free, all families in the nearest are growing a beautiful organic vegetable garden! It reminds me of my grandfather and his sisters, the farm smells are bringing me back to great memories of true and original taste. Thanks to our neighbor, much more expert than us, we started our veggie [...]

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The new luxury is having time for ourselves, creating something unique.   Looking for inspiration is the first step. Researching images on good books having a cardamom or a genmaicha tea. Then it's time to define our project: WHAT do I want to make? What do I need? HOW can I make it? Together [...]

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CIRCUS Collection Event

October 21st I turend 40! I thought it was the time to celebrate with a big party and launch my first hand crafted home decoration Limited Edition: CIRCUS COLLECTION. From great grandma dowry trunk, antique homespun hemp Italian fabric from 1800s: 25 unique pieces clashed with colorful tassels and military stencil hand painted graphics. Half [...]

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Talking about HERITAGE, we received a major gift: raw wood boards. So I asked to my friend GIORGIO how to keep them raw whilst clean, I mean we do like raw effect but we wanted to use  the boards as main part of our interior throughout the whole house. First action is SANDING, both [...]

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Summer 2015. Whilst renewing our home we took and holiday in California, a land we love for its colors and for the feeling of freedom we can experience. Free to be ourselves. One morning we were sitting on a bench, reading in front of the ocean in Santa Monica. The railing was exactly in tone with [...]

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Zia Bianca, Zia Florice, Zia Ventina: are all my grand aunties who did not get married. In addition to that, grannies and their mother's dowries. Since I was I child I love opening the trunks, touching, feeling and smelling those fabrics! I love this graphic and packaging!

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A PRESENT FOR YOU = MADE WITH HEART + HANDS  When hands and heart are connected creativity is just flowing.   My heritage is my treasure: trunks full of antique homespun made in Italy hemp canvas. It is hard to explain with words what I feel when I touch this material and when I hear [...]

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for ISKOOL FINALISTS, July 14th, Villa Corner The first international workshop branded Mestieri-LAB took place during the jury and awarding session of Iskool, a world wide contest that aims to link young designers and marketing managers to the denim industry with an educational content. Thanks to ISKO, I have the honor to manage this major [...]

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