When you really want your project to be unique, then you need to make it with your hands and experiencing it! Mestieri-LAB is our creative space where we hope to inspire you with our authentic style, with our concept, with our creative lifestyle.

Each LAB is focused on a product category: it might be upcycled garments, knits, upcycled furnitures, painting interiors, creating home textiles… Most of the time we do work on changing the final aspect of a used, worn out, old thing. To do that we need to be free to express ourselves.

When creativity is stuck and we lost the capacity of being authentic, then we start with a personal growth path in which we focus on awakening creativity and authenticity.

Together with a team of masters, we worked on each project with passion and curiosity, trying to balance craftsmanship and technology: imperfection becomes a plus. Each process is been a sensorial experience: besides eyesight, touch, smell and hearing will be forever part of our memory.

Together we can create other unique projects, playing with textures, sharing and learning from the craftmanship masters to ensure product quality and durability.
Together we can awake one of the most precious resources: Creativity.