a creative experience supporting the true you

An educational program dedicated to BA and MA where CREATIVITY is key.

After more than 15 years working in the fashion industry with creative people, talent scouting and interviewing young talents, I feel ready to contribute to the training of the designers.

I would like to combine my fashion supervisor experience with my new approach to working with people, based on listening, on the relationship and on the reawakening of authentic resources.

Thanks to a personal growth path started in 2008, I feel I have integrated my creative resources, and I now want to share this path of awareness with you!

This is how it is born:

bringing awareness and authenticity to the creative process.

we live in a society based on image and we have chosen a sector where aesthetics are fundamental. In this competitive environment, it is essential to differentiate ourselves from others. So we work to create an ideal, original, captivating image.

The construction of an image, a style, a taste is an interesting exercise that each of us lives in his own way. But what happens when we are lacking in ideas? When our project does not receive the expected feedback? When is it not working in the environment? When do we struggle to present our ideas to others?

If we limit ourselves to creating an image that is foreign to us only to hit our interlocutor, the company or the market, sooner or later our creativity will be exhausted. On the other hand, if we activate an authentic process, we will be able to use our creative resources in the best possible way, even in non-professional areas.

from what I observe as a Counselor, and based on my personal experience, creativity is a far larger and more precious resource that we mean in a style office.

Inventing, imagining, creating, having imagination are the mind’s capabilities that can be applied and adapted to all aspects of our lives. The more we train this skill, the more we can adapt to the external environment and live a better life.

Each of us is unique and has all the necessary elements to adapts to the environment. But often our inner resources have fallen asleep.

The personal work I suggest is aimed at awakening all the internal resources we have and adapting them, creatively, to the external environment.

To awaken the sleepy resources we will explore ourselves from the inside, in a playful way. We will use the materials that you have available and that you wish or need to start observing from a different perspective, from another point of view.

how do we explore internal resources while remaining in the academic field and using the materials that are being studied?

I would like to work on existing materials, which students developed more or less recently, starting from something very simple such as:

-a project you like
-a project you do not like
-your online presence, if any
-your portfolio, if any

These are just examples and ideas, I would like to talk to the course director and choose together those jobs that are more frequently questioned by the students, in order to create motivation for a better start of this process…

N.B. I want to clarify that I will not teach/ explain how to create the portfolio, but we will go – together – to activate a creative process aimed at awakening the sleeping resources connected to the creation of work tools.

“I strongly believe in a better world, made of more conscious human beings able to feel, think and act in the same direction. My small contribution is to create more integrity and more awareness for the new generations, awakening the most authentic resource we own, the resource that allows us to be flexible and to overcome difficult moments in life”


thank you! <3 Marina