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100% AUTHENTIC YOU™ is a soft skills development workshop, designed to bring awareness into the creative process. Born as a young talents creativity booster, ideal for company training as well, since creativity is a resource we do all own! 

It is our own responsibility to be aware about which skills we do own and which ones need to be trained.


Bringing awareness and authenticity to the creative process through experiential workshops that stimulate the emergence of new behaviors to test and train.

This program’s techniques and the experiences aim to awake the inner resources that we need to then work on soft skills.

We will work on creativity in its wider meaning, the resource that allow us to adapt to the environment’s requests and to the assumption of our own response-ability.


From what I observe as a Counselor, and based on my personal experience, creativity is a far larger and more precious resource that we mean in a style office or in a marketing and communication department.

Inventing, creating, having imagination are the mind’s capabilities that can be applied and adapted to all aspects of our lives. The more we train this skill, the more we can adapt to the external environment and live a better life. We become more resilient.

Each of us is unique and has all the necessary elements to adapts to the environment. But often our inner resources have fallen asleep.

We will learn taking response-ability.


Authenticity is the most true you have, without masks or filters.

Once we recognize what we are made of and how we function, we can consciously choose to pretend, create ad hoc characters for each situation or we can show our truth. All whilst remaining ourselves. We can be free to play the most functional parts of us, meaning the ones suiting at most the external environment circumstances.


To support the personal development, we will use your projects, but the real ingredient is YOU: it’s you getting involved in this process!

You with your mind, your thoughts, your bodyand your emotions.


Participants become more aware of their personality, of the way they perceive reality and relate to others. They learn to observe themselves, to learn more about what resources to deploy based on the demands of the environment. They learn to be more grounded and self-confident while being flexible and resilient.