“workshops to reskill yourself for a better life”

Soft skills development workshops, designed to bring awareness into the creative process. As core part of Mestieri-LAB®, 100% AUTHENTIC YOU ® was born as a creativity booster for young talents and now addresses both students and professionals based on the assumption that creativity is a resource that everyone own. Workshops are available for:

Workshop in a company
workshop in a fashion school
Workshop of a group

Flexible and customizable, 100% AUTHENTIC YOU® features a variety of modules, easily adjustable depending on the context, location, number of participants and time available.

Authenticity is what allows people to choose how to face different contexts and situations, whilst remaining true to themselves. Once we learn to play and use our most functional attitudes and abilities, we immediately become able to suit most any external environment scenarios.
That is why there is only one real ingredient required: the unique and unmistakable person you are – an honest mix combining mind, thoughts, body and emotions.

100% AUTHENTIC YOU®  will lead participants to become more aware of their personality, of how they react to external inputs, of the way they perceive reality and relate to others, thus becoming more grounded and self-confident while being agile and resilient. In other words, while remaining authentic to who you truly are.