WHAT’s Mestieri-LAB?
It is a container for our profession, our mission and passion: a physical and virtual place in which we keep our projects.

After many years of managing creative teams in textile and fashion companies, we feel a strong motivation in spreading our love for making things in the good way, so we are focusing on education.

We believe in interactive education, learning by doing. LAB means for us “to experience“.
We strongly believe in creativity as a key resource.

The Team.
With the real wish to build authentic relationships, we do share our projects with experts who are adding their precious skills when we face the “don’t know how to make it!”.

This is how we created Mestieri-LAB: from the relationship with unique people, from recognizing his value, from the contamination of craftsmanship and technology.

Marina Tonella: Co-Founder

Professional Advanced Counselor AssoCounseling (REG A1877)
Bioenergetics and Gestalt approach with a playful and creative touch.

After a degree in textile and a BA in foreign languages and economics (Esperto Linguistico d’Impresa, Università Cattolica di Milano), she is working from the 2001 in the fashion industry with different roles: from style office management to brand and product marketing.. Facilitating and supervising creative teams, she felt the need to learn more about personal development, starting from herself.

Marina started her personal growth path in 2008, where she met different therapists from family constellations, Enneagram, bioenergetics, Gestalt, art therapy, meditation and mindfulness.

In 2013 she attended a three years master in bioenergeticsand Gestalt counseling (SIBiG, Milano): an integrated approach that brings body, mind and emotions together.

Graduated in December 2013 with a thesis on the playful and creative experience in the counseling process.

Today she is bringing together her experience in managing multicultural creative teams, with different seniorities to the counseling approach, which is based on the authentic.

She is approaching soft skills development with creativity, meaning as the fundamental resource for adaptation, focusing on the awakening of the authentic resources.

With the clear mission to bridge young talents to the fashion industry, she is working with the best fashion schools worldwide and with the companies willing to become more people centered and open to change.

In her studio she works with individuals and group sessions.

Vladimiro Baldin: Co-Founder

After technical training in the textile and clothing industry, I started working in the fashion industry in 1994. Since then I experienced different functions: production, sourcing, merchandising, trend scouting, R&D and creative direction.
There are two main professional experiences contributing to my learning: Diesel Spa (1998-2014) and today Safilo Spa .
In my journey, I have particularly refined the experience in the management and coaching of creative teams in innovation and design fields and in the coordination of collection development projects, fashion shows and brand building projects.
Good knowledge and sensitivity in the research and development of both apparel and accessories products, often merging the classic tradition of tailoring with new design and production technologies. My current licensing activity leads me to relate to the teams of different fashion houses in the luxury and contemporary segments.

My great passion has always been Denim: a “live” fabric that allows you to span across different market segments, generational, embracing various lifestyles.
My work has always led me to travel around the world, especially in the capitals of fashion and trends. I am attracted to innovation and the continuous learning of new things, both on the product and process development and production, as well as human resources management.
I continue to strengthen my leadership through an individual coaching path, counseling, personal growth groups and meditation.
I’m not attracted to power, I tend to have a humble and simple approach even in leading numerous teams: I prefer communication and influence as a communication style to the purely managerial one.
I’m an observer who loves to start from a solid and authentic foundation on which to build the assets of a brand and collection, and then nourish it in growth by cushioning the consistency, quality and importance of detail. I do really love to make things happen!
In 2016, my partner Marina and I founded Mestieri-LAB brand, which is primarily a lab of crafts where we capitalize on our passions and experiences in creating limited edition products and in offering thematic workshops.