100% AUTHENTIC YOU™ is a soft skills development workshop, designed to support young talents in their creative process and beyond. An experience to help new generations in being authentic, responsible and aware. Being a designer today is quite challenging, and I strongly believe both emerging talents and experienced ones need a support for their personal [...]

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Honored to be part of the fifth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL® and inspired by Paola Maugeri job title, I named this post PROFESSIONAL HUMAN BEINGS. My mission is never been so clear: supporting new generations in being authentic, responsible and aware. Working so close with the best international fashion schools, with the industry and being [...]

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The first full day 100% AUTHENTIC YOU™ workshop took place in May 12, surrounded by the nature, in our place. This LAB has been structured in #4 phases. They can all be explored more in depth and we are available to design bespoken workshops. We started at 10 am with registrations, welcoming our international [...]

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It all started with the need of feeling better and taking care of myself, that actually make sense being my structure a 7 Conservative following the Enneagram map. I started working in fashion in 2001 and my love and passion for work were pushing me beyond my limitation sometimes. It was my way "not to [...]

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Trying to make it simple, I see the personal growth path divided into 3 main steps: 1_becoming aware, seeing reality for what it is 2_learning to stay with what is there, accepting reality 3_then it is possible to change! Together we wake up the resources sleeping inside us - our talents - and we start creating [...]

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Upstairs we first meet what I call "Male's Room". The Sofas: I did like the shape of Vlady's ones but not the texture, so I dyed few hemp linen bed in charcoal grey and made a new dress for them. I actually started with a toile, then made the paper pattern and then sewing. [...]

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CASA_ground floor

A friend recently came to see us for the first time and said: "Marina, this HOME is YOU in every single detail!". This feedback actually inspired me to write about our HOME and to share with you the stories behind things. Welcome to our creative space where we hope to inspire you with our style, [...]

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