Being a designer today is quite challenging, and I strongly believe emerging talents need a support for their personal growth. The market is full of products and the competition is extremely high. Is it enough to be good at concept design? Either good at sketching? Merchandising a collection? Rather than being a perfect developer? What [...]

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It all started with the need of feeling better and taking care of myself, that actually make sense being my structure a 7 Conservative following the Enneagram map. I started working in fashion in 2001 and my love and passion for work were pushing me beyond my limitation sometimes. It was my way "not to [...]

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Trying to make it simple, I see the personal growth path divided into 3 main steps: 1_becoming aware, seeing reality for what it is 2_learning to stay with what is there, accepting reality 3_then it is possible to change! Together we wake up the resources sleeping inside us - our talents - and we start creating [...]

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Wear Your Words Proudly on Your Skin

July 12, Milano, BASE: ISKO I-Skool 4th edition Mestieri-LAB together with ISKO for a new WORKSHOP mixing Denim, Words and Creativity. LAB's Jurors: Ella Grace Denton, Verena Erin, Simone Guidarelli The President of the Design Award: Adriano Goldschmied, Denim Godfather . Participants: 20 Designers coming from 16 different Schools all over the world. Europe:  IUAV (Venice), POLIMODA (Florence), NABA (Milan), AMD (Düsseldorf, Germany), UAL (Chelsea, UK), AALTO (Helsinki, Finland), AMFI (Amsterdam, Holland), Kolding [...]

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Our land is completely pests free, all families in the nearest are growing a beautiful organic vegetable garden! It reminds me of my grandfather and his sisters, the farm smells are bringing me back to great memories of true and original taste. Thanks to our neighbor, much more expert than us, we started our veggie [...]

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CIRCUS Collection Event

October 21st I turend 40! I thought it was the time to celebrate with a big party and launch my first hand crafted home decoration Limited Edition: CIRCUS COLLECTION. From great grandma dowry trunk, antique homespun hemp Italian fabric from 1800s: 25 unique pieces clashed with colorful tassels and military stencil hand painted graphics. Half [...]

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