Upstairs we first meet what I call “Male’s Room”.

The sofas: I did like the shape of Vlady’s ones but not the texture, so I dyed few hemp linen bed in charcoal grey and made a new dress for them. I actually started with a toile, then made the paper pattern and then sewing. At that time I asked a seamstress to help me with the finishing.

On the floor, there is my cashmere patchwork blanket: I made it a long time ago with the washing trials of a beautiful 1/16 cashmere I took from a company I was working for, still love it!

The light is coming from antique shop in Antwerp, one of the best places ever to buy vintage furnitures.

All¬†libraries are made with used bricklayers boards. Those ones were part of Vlady’s dad garage and they are now so functional.

The oil can is one of the objects I will never get rid of. It was from my daddy’s factory and he gave it to me.

We made the verriere with Giorgio & Tony, re-creating the idea of the mill office. Giorgio repaired the table as well, it was an antique broken piece from Vlady’s brother.

At the top of the old wooden stairs, our nestle: open space bedroom. The wardrobe was again from an old auntie, I first painted it in a cream color, then once we moved here I started to be obsessed with mint green.

Bedside tables are still in cream color, as I painted them years ago when moved to Veneto. All linen are from the family dowry, I actually made duvet covers to be more comfortable.

I do love to lay on the bed admiring the architecture of this house!

Here is another drawer from the aunties collection, mixed with vintage colorful kindergarten chairs.

Love, actually.