UPCYCLING & INCLUSIVITY – WORKSHOP. A creative experience in a community of mental sick beautiful people. Creativity, inclusivity, upcycling: what's the common thread? Nobody is perfect, we all need to deal with our imperfections, with our insecurities, with our weakness, our wounds. Why not doing it through creating beautiful things with what we [...]

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CASA_UPSTAIRS. Upstairs we first meet what I call "Male's Room". The sofas: I did like the shape of Vlady's ones but not the texture, so I dyed few hemp linen bed in charcoal grey and made a new dress for them. I actually started with a toile, then made the paper pattern [...]

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CASA_ground floor

CASA_GROUND FLOOR. A friend recently came to see us for the first time and said: "Marina, this HOME is YOU in every single detail!". This feedback actually inspired me to write about our HOME and to share with you the stories behind things. Welcome to our creative space where we hope to inspire you [...]

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Wear Your Words Proudly on Your Skin

Wear Your Words Proudly on Your Skin. July 12, 2017, Milano, BASE: ISKO I-Skool 4th edition Mestieri-LAB® together with ISKO for a new WORKSHOP mixing Denim, Words and Creativity. LAB's jurors: Ella Grace Denton, Verena Erin, Simone Guidarelli The president of the Design Award: Adriano Goldschmied, denim godfather . Participants: 20 Designers coming from 16 different [...]

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MY HERITAGE. Zia Bianca, Zia Florice, Zia Ventina: are all my grand aunties who did not get married. In addition to that, grannies and their mother's dowries. Since I was I child I love opening the trunks, touching, feeling and smelling those fabrics! I love this graphic and packaging!

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A ROOTED GIFT! A PRESENT FOR YOU = MADE WITH HEART + HANDS  When hands and heart are connected creativity is just flowing. My heritage is my treasure: trunks full of antique homespun made in Italy hemp canvas. It is hard to explain with words what I feel when I touch this material [...]

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CREATIVE WORKSHOP: DENIM CUSTOMIZATION. For ISKOOL FINALISTS, July 14th, Villa Corner The first international workshop branded Mestieri-LAB took place during the jury and awarding session of Iskool, a world wide contest that aims to link young designers and marketing managers to the denim industry with an educational content. Thanks to ISKO, I have the [...]

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