24 November 2020


What used to be a limit is now a resource. The transformation.

As a job I facilitate change in people and teams, but more than change it is about transforming what doesn’t work into something that works.

Our character structure cannot be changed. Our passions and cognitive fixations remain the same, but when we become aware of them we can transform them into more functional behaviors and attitudes.

As children we adapted to the external environment as best we could, with the resources then available. We learned to function in such a way there, and often as adults we continue to function in the same way, without realizing it, on autopilot.

There comes a time when we find ourselves in trouble, where things don’t seem to work anymore.
We can choose to blame others, to self boycott ourselves, or we can look at reality.

1. Observing reality, becoming aware of what is not working is the first step.
2. Accepting that that is the only way we know so far is the second step.
3. Now we are ready for transformation.

I will tell you something of mine, something true and lived in the hope that it will resonate and inspire you. A story where I reveal myself for what I am, aware of my limits and resources. I offer my personal experience as a pure example of how a limit, when seen and accepted, can be transformed into a resource.
It also works for my clients, but I don’t really like to tell their paths, even changing their name and changing the story seems to violate their privacy.

I have a sparkling character, I like to talk and talk a lot.
I love to study, connect points, create connections between topics. I am curious and always looking for the truth. When I learn about a new theory, to integrate it and learn it I tell it to others. I look for comparison, but if I am the only one who has studied that topic I tend to want you to know it too, which means I influence you as much as I can so that you can get passionate about what interests me. I don’t do this to manipulate you, I am really convinced that what I have studied and what has changed my perspective can be useful to you.
When I do not immediately realize that the other does not care, I become really annoying! The problem arises when I am so taken by the subject that I just don’t see the other one.

Aware of my limit, at the beginning of my internship I was scared, I was afraid to leave no room for clients, I was afraid to talk too much, to give too many theoretical explanations.

One day, during a session of my personal growth path, I worked on the integration of my child part, a child who at that time did not chat much, but preferred to be in her world. A world made of creativity, imagination, intuition.

I have noticed that the more integrated my child is, the more spontaneous and true I am, and I don’t need so many words. When my adult part is centered I allow myself to leave room for the small, silent and intuitive Marina, with all her sweetness and sensitivity.

This mode allows me to work at a more “basic” level, where customers rely on a different dimension, less cognitive, of play, but of serious play, indeed, very serious!

Today this part represents a precious resource.
I feel grateful for my family of origin, they have always let me play, make mistakes, dirty, angry. So I developed creativity, today a precious resource.