26 March 2018


Being a designer today is quite challenging, and I strongly believe emerging talents need a support for their personal growth. The market is full of products and the competition is extremely high. Is it enough to be good at concept design? Either good at sketching? Merchandising a collection? Rather than being a perfect developer? What makes the difference between you and the others?

Someone is asking me: “why do we need to grow faster?” Simple: because there is no time for mistakes, no time to be shy, no time to pretend, no time for doubts!
Communication is key: the way we talk to the paper pattern maker or to the marketing team, the way we express our thoughts, our vision is making the difference!

YOU make the difference, with your authenticity and your uniqueness!
Being aware of our schemes help us feel better when relating to other people.

Honored to be a link from fashion schools to the industry, I feel once more grateful to ISKO and to the Creative Room to welcome this new project dedicated to all creative people: 100% AUTHENTIC YOU® is bringing Soft Skills into I-SKOOL.
During the two denim seminar days, we’ve been through all the supply chain with the top denim experts: from the cotton plantation to the fabric, then to the research, design, development, pattern making, software, man-made fibers, labeling,
with a constant focus on sustainability.

Participants are 20 students shortlisted from the best fashion schools worldwide + their tutors + the value chain partners.

Beside hard skills, fundamental to enter the industry, I focus on soft skills:
how do you choose an image? How do you feel when you look at that image? Does it say something about you?

4 minutes TALKING.
4 minutes LISTENING.
4 minutes OBSERVING.

Have you ever experienced this?

Just note:

How do you feel when you are talking?
How do you feel when someone is listening to you?
What’s happen when 2 people are not talking the same language? Is it possible to empathize?

No smartphones for 2 hours: just a pencil, a post-it kit and YOU.

YOU with your body, your mind, your emotions. With the most UNIQUE part of YOU: your AUTHENTICITY.

We then sat all in a circle: time for sharing and to experience something new about us, about the relationship within ourself and with the others.