29 March 2022

A hanging heart: constantly evolving styles and shapes

My art evolves every day, this allows me not to turn off my curiosity.

BAO: What is your art? What do you want to communicate and transmit?

Martina: I can’t define with certainty what my art is because it evolves every day in different styles and forms!

I believe this peculiarity is fundamental for me because it allows me to improve and not extinguish my curiosity to discover new things.

I have always tried to convey my state of mind, my personal story, my fears, my achievements and my cancer journey through small illustrations and phrases to help anyone who is facing my same situations.

BAO: How did it come about? Tell us about past episodes related to your passion and your art.

Martina: I remember precisely that I’ve always had a passion for everything that can be defined as creative!
I certainly have to thank my mother for having encouraged me to explore all forms of creativity from decoupage to drawing, from embroidery to painting.
I spent my childhood and adolescence using colours to mark my grey days.

BAO: How do you think authenticity relates to artistic creation? How do you experience it in your creative process?

I believe that the artist in the course of his creative process engraves his authenticity in different forms!

For example (as in my case) you can take a drawing and rework it by putting your own creative stamp on it, whether it be a special calligraphy or a simple geometric shape.