18 January 2022

In my art there is no right or wrong answer. The real power lies in the colours. As an artist, I think each colour has its own fundamental importance: the impact that is triggered with the feelings of the viewer is art itself. My work is based more on emotions, feelings that colours can arouse. Often people, looking at my creations, are curious to know the meaning. My answer is that the work represents what they see or feel when they look at it. Each of us lives in our own diversity, what interests me personally as an artist is the encounter of this diversity with my colours. The meaning therefore becomes subjective. That is why there is no right or wrong answer. The objective of my work is to arouse emotions, there are no wrong ones, every interpretation is correct.

We have lost the importance of sensitivity. I realise that today we are used t the urgent hic et nunc and we have forgotten that art is time and needs time, to be created and above all to be appreciated. A painting or a sculpture needs the viewer to linger in front of it for more than 15 seconds and this requires an extra effort. I would like to make an appeal, let us remind ourselves of sensitivity and beauty.

I was born in the midst of art. Both my paternal and maternal grandfather, although in different ways, used to paint purely for the pleasure of it. So I grew up in rooms full of colours, often very bright and violent ones, which inevitably left their mark on me. I started picking up paintbrushes when I was just over 9 years old and it quickly became a practice to represent my emotions. Another strong influence was the museums I went to at least once a week. At the time it seemed like endless torture, (especially for my feet!) but in the end those big halls full of shimmering beauty fascinated me. The passion for art was also shared by the entourage around me: I think I realised that I wanted to be an artist thanks to a friend of my mother’s. She created and still creates art. She created and still creates wonderful paintings. Well, entering her studio that time was cathartic for me. The smell of the resins, the dust, the colour-stained floors and, above all, the paintings packaged as if they were ancient treasures: all this left something inside me that I found again in painting.

What inspires me? Life. Especially suffering. Mostly mine. The creative process comes of itself. I tend to paint on walls, although lately I feel more comfortable on the floor. This is because when I paint I feel that I am finally alone with myself, I can physically enter the canvas. The pictorial experience matches and mixes with the sensory experience, which is also accentuated by the fact that I often use parts of my body to paint.

I don’t think there is anything more authentic than emotions. Authenticity is the key to doing this work (let’s not forget that it is a job like any other). If you are not true, real, authentic, you lose credibility. The fundamental thing is to put yourself into what you do. It is often not easy because it requires awareness, but sincerity pays off and that is the most important thing.