22 November 2017


A friend recently came to see us for the first time and said: “Marina, this HOME is YOU in every single detail!”. This feedback actually inspired me to write about our HOME and to share with you the stories behind things.

Welcome to our creative space where we hope to inspire you with our style, with our concept, with our creative lifestyle: our CASA.

Photo by Cristina Fiorentini.

This is the kitchen: a functional open space in which I spend most of my time.

The wooden drawer might be from the end of ‘800. As I was I child I was used to seeing it in my mum aunties home, in the cellar. They were fulfilling it with apples, I still remember the smell.

The table comes from my hometown, I actually bought it with my daddy more than 20 years ago: sandpaper on the top and organic oil to enhance the texture + black paint on the bottom.

The chairs were previously owned by Vlady’s dad, now in Santa Monica’s Ocean nouace!

The lights: feminine side is again early ‘900 from the dad’s aunt’s home, whilst masculine touch is from Vlady’s dad garage.

The white cupboard was my dad’s aunty, I guess from the early 900.

The orange metallic drawer is something we bought together at the flea market in Piazzola del Brenta.

The bathroom: it is a mix of a laundry room and a bathroom. We designed it with the real wish to be functional, practical and it really works. Wood shelves are recycled bricklayers wooden boards.
The sink in an authentic kitchen Pozzi Ginori: I simply hate design ones, you can not even wash a pair of panties, whilst with this piece I feel comfortable whilst stylish.
The shower is open and wide so we can wash the dogs during winter times. A brick wall painted in white, a concrete pavement.

WOOD floor is natural oil finishing larch.