27 May 2021

How do we use creativity in everyday life?

We are in constant relationship with the outside world, in constant exchange. An exchange that allows us to satisfy our needs, while respecting the needs of others and the environment.

This is what I mean when I talk about the sustainability of human relations.

Adapting creatively to the environment is a resource that can be trained, and it is really useful. In order to function well we need to learn to observe the context and adapt. Observe without judging. If I stay in judgement it is practically impossible to find creative solutions. Creativity gets stuck in judgement, so I have to choose what I want to do.

I’m taking a step back: I’m not telling you to adapt passively to the demands of the environment, to accept and submit to everything that society imposes on us… but to find YOUR own creative way of functioning.

In Gestalt this is called CREATIVE ADJUSTMENT.

Our spontaneous survival force allows us to differentiate ourselves from the social context, but also to be part of it. Remember when we talked about freedom and a sense of belonging?
All our behaviour, all our interaction with the environment is a creative adaptation.

It is that process that brings together the needs of the organism with the resources of the environment.

It is creative because each of us generates a new situation in satisfying our needs.

Creation is linked to innovation: it is the discovery of a new solution, the creation of a new configuration, a new integration from what is there.

Adaptation and creation are two complementary poles of the same process: each is necessary to the other in order to maintain a healthy and dynamic balance.

Adjustment alone does not integrate anything new and limits us to repeating the same actions over and over again, without introducing anything new.
Creation without adaptation is not rooted in ‘reality’, it is meaningless.

Adjustment keeps us in touch with reality, creation opens the door to the dimension of fantasy and the expansion of possibilities.

The same way that to grow we need freedom and a sense of belonging, to be creative we need:

– freedom, inspiration, the ability to enter and stay in the flow
– firm rules, routines, your process, your time-management, your method

This is what happens, for example, when designing a collection.
We don’t design clothes at random based on our imagination!!!
There is always a briefing, a structure that responds to the needs of the market.
A grid with cost targets to be respected.
A creative direction, of materials to be used according to weight and season.
There are times.
The creative process follows precise steps, and gives us the opportunity to generate something new, which did not exist before.

Every time I come into contact with the environment I am transformed.
This happens in every exchange, in every relationship, with every inhale, with every exhale.

I look forward to the next one, with a little more authenticity!