1 July 2020


Today is Wednesday, and like every Wednesday I write an article.

A year ago I met Elisabetta, and we started working together shaping the website, the socials. Elisabetta taught me to be patient and consistent: the online requires withdrawal, I can’t write and post only when I feel like it.

Since yesterday I’ve been thinking and thinking about what to write: in the last few months we’ve been working on emotions to arrive at the Enneagram. In the meantime the website has evolved, we launched the online test webinars during the quarantine, and now come the first tickets for the course on MOTIVATION. Every Thursday we have a guest on IG, where we talk about AUTHENTICITY.

For those who follow the Instagram stories of Mestieri-LABĀ® , you will have seen that last week I was immersed in my world of young people with many different origins, artists, creatives. A wonderful project that I will tell you about later, when I have the material to share.


Until yesterday I felt a feeling of fullness: a lot of information to manage, people to organize, emotions to welcome, times to plan, expectations to wait, especially mine. Moments of stress due to procedures and bureaucracy, which I really find hard to cope with. A lot of joy to be able to put together so many creative people, to finally be able to work well, with mind, heart and emotions.

In these months, from lock down to yesterday, I felt a growing feeling of fullness, nourishment, growth. Like a constant tension, a continuous proceeding, a going towards.

This morning I realized that today, after months, I could take it easy. I went to the veggy garden, then to gymnastics and yoga. Now I sat down to write, and I realized I had a wonderful feeling of EMPTINESS.


Fertile emptiness, that emptiness that nourishes, that rests. An emptiness that doesn’t have to be filled, it has to be left like that. It must be enjoyed, or at least, today I really want to enjoy it! Often the emptiness scares us, frightens us, we want to fill it at all costs with words, food, information. But this emptiness when it happens is wonderful: there’s nothing to do, no place to go, just stay. No tension, no goal, no need. I don’t know how long it will last, but today I feel it, I enjoy it, I’m in.

Do you ever get that feeling? You just try to pay attention, and if you feel like it, let me know what it’s like for you!