24 March 2022

BAO: What is your art? What do you want to communicate and convey?

Giulia: My art is poetry. It is the most sincere and clear way I have to convey what I feel in my heart.

BAO: How did it come about? Tell us about episodes in the past related to your passion and your art.

Giulia: It may seem incredible, but I wrote my first poem without realising it. After some time in which I became aware that I was starting to write, I took my papers in hand and realised that I had written a poem, a real poem. It was a unique emotion: it was like realising how beautiful life is, and at the same time how simple it can sometimes be.

BAO: How does your creative process come about? What inspires you?

Giulia: My poetry comes from what moves my whole world: from love and pain.

The love I never had and the love I lost, and the pain that has always accompanied me like a faithful friend, and that never wants to let me go. My poetry was born because I live on the tip of my heart. Because, just like Atlas, I hold a world above my shoulders that pains and strains me. And poetry is the horizon to which I look with hope.


BAO: What are the difficulties you face today in making your art known, and what do you need?

Giulia: I think the greatest difficulty in communicating my poetry is the excessive lightness and superficiality of people. To be honest, I actually envy them a little: those who only look at the surface do not suffer, or at least they suffer less. But poetry is a profound enquiry, and cannot do without scrutiny. The poet Arminio writes: ‘every gesture is a goldmine / and it always falls to me to play the part of the one who digs’. That’s exactly how it is for me.  And I too ‘would like someone to take me out / with the simple gesture / of someone who takes a coin / to the bottom of his pocket’. I too would like someone to dig into my heart, to see what I’m hiding out of shame and fear, and then take it out and let it discover how beautiful and warm the sunlight is.

BAO: How do you think authenticity relates to artistic creation? How do you experience it in your creative process?

Giulia: Art can only be authentic, otherwise it would be something else. I always say that beyond my poems there is nothing else, because I am in them, and I am in them because they are in me.

My ‘Like a Daughter’ says just that. It is my heart that beats, that cries out, that loves and that cries. Nothing else can be.