8 December 2017


Trying to make it simple, I see the personal growth path divided into 3 main steps:

1_becoming aware, seeing reality for what it is

2_learning to stay with what is there, accepting reality

3_then it is possible to change!

Together we wake up the resources sleeping inside us – our talents – and we start creating a relationship between the inner world and the circumstances, our environment.

The main tool I use is the relationship, together with the ability to stay with what is there. I’m not acting as if I know more than what you do, but I’m traveling with you, I help you and I welcome you. I’m your mirror.

– we use our body with bioenergetic
– techniques that allow us to act and to express ourselves instead of only talking
– a lot of creativity

We are looking for a balance between our inner world end the outside world, and we do that starting from the only moment in which we can have power: the here and now.