14 February 2020


A year and a half ago they asked me to be part of a leadership course as a teacher. Initially I had many doubts: what can I teach about leadership? Then I asked myself: why did they choose me?

My area of ​​expertise is about getting to know yourself better.

Too often we spend our lives imitating a model, an ideal we aspire to. But are we sure that the model we have chosen cannot become an obstacle to the development of our potential, rather than help?

During my workshops we discover together what are your resources, your uniqueness, your strengths that will allow you to be an authentic reference point for the people around you.

Let’s start from the awakening of awareness.

We are so overwhelmed by managing projects, times and people that over time we have forgotten to listen to ourselves. To be able to do everything we have put aside the fact that, if it is true that we influence others, we influence them with words, with actions, with thoughts and with our attitudes. So with our mind, our body and our emotions.

To become aware of how we work, we need to gently awaken some parts of us that have fallen asleep by dint of silencing. We focused on everything that is external to us, losing contact with our authenticity.

Let’s try to turn interest and curiosity towards ourselves, to listen to us and to know better how we function as leaders and as human beings! When we manage to enter into a relationship with ourselves, then it becomes easier to enter into a relationship with others and be more effective.

We train awareness. Everything starts from listening. How are you?

I always start with this question, and it’s amazing how difficult the answer is. How are you right now, here. How are you breathing, how do you feel the temperature, how do you feel the support from the chair, what thoughts go through your mind …

→ When I can realize in real time what is happening to me, then I am aware, present.

→ The present moment is the only time we can make changes.

→ We can only change something if we take responsibility for it.

When we are truly convinced that we do not have time to stop and reflect, we actually work on autopilot: we keep everything going, we sacrifice ourselves, everything seems to be under control. In reality this mode does not allow us to make changes, this is because we are not really present!

When we choose to be present we take responsibility for inspiring people and enhancing them. We see their potential, their talents, we recognize their energy. But to see what happens in them we must first have clear what happens in us!

By making my authenticity and creativity available, I accompany the participants to find their own resources and to build authentic and rooted leadership.

We will return to the topic soon by talking about potential, resources and creativity.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, go read our latest articles!