2 February 2021


Stop for a moment: listen to yourself right now, while you are reading.

Let’s bring your attention for a minute to…

1) Your breath.
Where does the air you take in go when you breathe in? Up to your collarbones? To your chest? Does it go into your belly? Down to your genitals?
Simply notice where the air goes at this moment, without judging. There is no right or wrong place, it’s fine as it is, it’s fine wherever the air goes, as long as it goes!

2) Your body.
In which position are you? Are you comfortable? Can you feel your feet firmly on the floor? Do you feel your pelvis resting well on the chair? Do you feel any tension? What about your eyes? Do you have any tension in your jaw?
Here again, your judgement is not needed, it is only necessary to observe how you are in your body, as we are a body.

3) Your emotions.
Which nuance colours this precise moment? Can you name it?
Annoyance, anxiety, happiness, nervousness, agitation, anger, boredom, disappointment, excitement, calmness, doubt… If you find it difficult to name your emotions, try reading here to learn more about fear, here to make friends with sadness, and here for anger, and here for joy.

4) Your thoughts.
Surely if you stay there a little longer a lot of thoughts will start to pass through your head, things to do, problems to solve… If you have read this far your mind has been particularly kind and cooperative, so thank it.

Now, place your feet firmly on the ground, no matter if you are standing or sitting.
Let’s take three breaths together. As you can see in this video, I yawn on the third breath. Does this happen to you?

If yes, what happens in your body after you yawn?

It’s all here. Short article to teach you how to yawn.

Get into a relationship with yourself: listen to how you are from time to time.
There is no judgement, it’s about learning to be aware of how we are.

Re-appropriating our authenticity requires being aware of our body, at all times.
To thoughts, emotions and body. We are a body.
Our mind lies, while the body can give us true, authentic messages. That is why it is important to listen to it.

If we don’t realize how we are and enter into relationships with others…. it just makes a big mess!

If you want to listen to an example, here I am talking about Franca, how she responds to “how are you” when she only listens to her mind. Does this happen to you too?

In order to become aware of how we function, we need to gently awaken certain parts of ourselves that have fallen asleep as a result of being silenced.

This is why there are professionals in the helping relationship. Being fully oneself is a good reason to live.

As we grow up it is easy to loose bits of ourselves, but now you are ready and willing to find them again, aren’t you?

So here’s this week’s exercise:
a couple of times a day stop, listen to yourself!
Remember to listen to your breath, your body and your emotions.
Surely there will be some thoughts, but let’s talk about those next week.

See you soon, with an extra bit of authenticity!