28 April 2022

Luca Genovese: his artistic world in constant evolution

Drawing has been with me since I was a child, it has always been a way to distract me. In my artistic growth, understanding the value of authenticity was fundamental.

BAO: What is your art? that you want to communicate and convey?

Luca: I never paused to reflect on what my “art” should be, what I realize is spontaneous and it is constantly evolving. In my illustrations there is not always a message that I want to convey, my purpose is to create curiosity in the observer.

BAO: How did it come about, tell us about episodes in the past related to your passion and your art.

Luca: Drawing has accompanied me since I was a child, it has always been a way to distract me, an activity I get lost in very often. The hours of life drawing at school were my favorite! I have understood only few years ago that my passion could become a job. From that moment I started making illustrations mainly for tattoos, until last year I decided to completely change course. I experimented new things and tried to “forge” something more personal, all in digital technique.

BAO: How does your creative process come about, what inspires you?

Luca: My inspiration came from my moods, from movies or books, even if have experienced moments of creative block. In those situations I try to distract myself, most of the time walking in the nature, it helps me to clear my mind and find new ideas. For this reason when the spark goes off I try to throw my idea down immediately, making sketches on paper or taking notes on the phone and then move on to the realization of the digital work.

BAO: Difficulties you face today in making your art known and what you would need.

Luca: Social media are the most used means to make your creativity known but unfortunately it is not easy to reach your target. For this reason is often necessary to do sponsorships, useful but often not enough. Maybe what we need is a platform or a page on social networks that show us and that help us to reach our target, taking the path together, also by comparing our experiences.

BAO: How do you think authenticity relates to artistic creation? How do you experience it in your creative process?

Luca: Authenticity is fundamental, I have understood this in recent times. For this reason last year I have decided to dedicate myself to more personal works than the drawings that I did before (reproductions of what was requested by customers). This also made me realize that you don’t necessarily need to be technically perfect, but we need to focus more on one’s own distinctive trait, on our emotions, something that the observer immediately recognizes as “ours”.