14 December 2017


It all started with the need of feeling better and taking care of myself, that actually make sense being my structure a 7 Conservative following the Enneagram map. I started working in fashion in 2001 and my love and passion for work were pushing me beyond my limitation sometimes. It was my way “not to feel too much”, not to get in touch with my hidden emotions. Whatsoever we keep in the dark and trying to hide actually carry a lot of energy and starts to find his own way to come to the surface, either we like it or not. I was just feeling confused, with peaks of energy and panic attacks were emerging, so I started to find help. In the beginning, I found traditional doctors that gave me Xanax or Shiatzu therapist that was saying “you need to relax”. But: how can I relax? I need all of my energy to be good at work! This is how my path started almost 20 years ago!

from 2004: Silvana Musso, Macrobiotic.
For 10 years I was following  a doctor who is focused on naturopathy and macrobiotics: this is how I slowly came in touch with my body and step by step with my emotions, learning first to name them correctly. Besides helping me with homeopathy, she really gave me the basics about macrobiotic cookingt: food is our first medicine.

My fear was still there, but at least I was calling her by her name! I then took the courage to approach groups lead by Osho therapists.

August – Things left open, with Anando  – Osho Leivi

August – 5 days of Transformation, with Anando and Shunyo – Osho Miasto

Spring – Yes Day (Self Love) with Anando  – Osho Leivi
August – Primal Painting, Self-portrait, Painting Training in nature (15 days) with Meera – Osho Miasto

August – Osho Mystic Rose (21 days of meditation retreat) with Dwari – Osho Miasto

January – Primal breathing with Dwari – Osho Miasto
August – Family constellation training with Dwari – Osho Miasto
August – The attraction law with Leela – Osho Miasto
November – SAT 1, with Claudio Naranjo

June – Meditation camps – Osho Miasto

SIBiG: Master of BioGestalt Counseling.
A 3 years education in Counseling skills, Gestalt and Bioenergetic approach.

During this 3 years I went through all my personal history, learning skills to be then able to help other people through the relationship.
The theory behind the school I chose is based on the mix between Gestalt and Bioenergetic.
As a personal development path I faced my conditionings, mi limitations, rediscovering my resources and learning more about my personality.
The process we went through to face parenting conditioning is called Fisher-Hoffman.
Supporting other people reqires first a deep personal work, otherwise we only see things through our filters.
Our personality will not change, the filter is there, but we became aware of it.

February – Subscription to AssoCounseling. It means from now on I’ll be a Professional Counselor, I will be monthly supervised and I will keep on attending personal growth seminars.

September – SIBiG: Training about the couple relationship. Four days of intense work on our way to live the relationship with the partner.

December – Roberto Maria Sassone: Self Mindfulness. Three entire days of silence, connection with the inner self, with the truth, with the essence.

April – AssoCounseling: “In direzione contraria ed ostinata.”
May – Collage Counseling: Biological and social maternity. A 4 days training focused on this special aspect of being a woman.

January – I just achieved Professional Advanced Counselor level. AssoCounseling. It means more supervision and ore studying!
January/ November – Collage Counseling: Enneagram classes.
October – I attended a seminar with the french psychomotrist Bernard Aucouturier.