8 February 2022

“Niente di serio is a project that started almost as a joke, knowing that it would be yet another unfinished hobby in my life. Instead, it has turned into a very important little slice that I would like to be part of my life for a long time to come.” 

BAO: What is your art? What do you want to communicate and convey?

NDS: My art consists of creating unique handmade objects with clay. It wants to convey the tangibility and “being able to touch” a unique piece. It wants to convey the feeling of being at home, because it is a product created for everyday life. A little treasure that accompanies you through the day, a cup to start with, a vase to put a bunch of your favourite flowers in, or a jewellery box to hold a precious object that reminds us of the person who gave it to us.

BAO: How did your passion come about? 

NDS: My passion for this subject is very recent. In general, I have always loved art, and it was only 7 months ago that I started a basic course in clay modelling. It was love at first sight. What I’m most passionate about is intuitiveness and manual skills, not necessarily needing to see with your eyes to be able to create; just “see with your fingers”, the senses are fundamental.

BAO: How does your creative process come about, what inspires you? 

NDS: I am inspired by anything that surrounds me and gives me serenity. I would like to put in every piece all the love I have for the sea, for flowers, for freedom, for the philosophy of “slow life” and the love for imperfection. There is no perfect piece and there won’t be, they are raw pieces that denote imperfection as uniqueness.

BAO: What are the difficulties you face today in making your art known and what would you need? 

NDS: The most difficult aspect to convey is the mechanism, the passion, the fear of negative feedback and above all the commitment behind the creation of each small object, even the smallest (creating a cup takes about 2 weeks of work). As far as making my art known, I don’t find too many difficulties yet, because in general I’m not interested in having a large audience, on the contrary I would like a small audience, a small community that loves handicrafts and handmade. 

BAO: How do you think authenticity relates to artistic creation? How do you experience it in your creative process? 

NDS: Authenticity is the most important aspect as it allows you to stand out. Similarly, contamination is equally important. Creating by taking inspiration, not necessarily from artists in the same field, but from whatever aspect allows you to leave your comfort zone. In my opinion, every artist/craftsman/creator has a style and a primary way of representing his or her work, and often, without contamination, you would always end up following this line (think of musicians: very often, without knowing that it is that singer, when you listen to his or her new song you know it is his or her own, because the style is the same). For this reason, taking in all the beauty of what surrounds us is a unique and precious source of inspiration.