20 July 2018


Honored to be part of the fifth edition of ISKO I-SKOOL® and inspired by Paola Maugeri job title, I named this post PROFESSIONAL HUMAN BEINGS.

My mission is never been so clear: supporting new generations in being authentic, responsible and aware.

Working so close with the best international fashion schools, with the industry and being a professional counselor is becoming one. From a Gestaltic point of view, we can say I am experiencing an integration process: the left side of my brain – which is more managerial and rational – is now working together with the right side – which is more creative and open hearted. Masculine and feminine are now together!

This is how we, my partner Vlady and I, started 100% AUTHENTIC YOU®.
It may sound too romantic, but we really believe in a better world, made of responsible people. To do that, we need to start from the human being, allowing every single person to express his uniqueness. We need to grow awareness about who we are and how we can contribute to the system. We need to grow culture, knowledge about the potential of the human beings in order to be change makers.

How can we grow awareness?

I designed a 12 hours workshop aiming to be a CREATIVITY BOOSTER, a taste of self awareness.

“The Denim Design Award and the Marketing Award challenged students from different important universities to explore the world of denim and imagine a Responsible and Positive Vision of the Future. On July 10th and 11th, Design and Marketing juries came together to discuss and decide the winners of this year’s edition. Students and tutors had the chance to take part in creative workshops by 100% AUTHENTIC YOU®, focusing on soft skills development.” This is what ISKO® is saying about it, they describe it “soft skills development”.

What are soft skills then?

What I say to all the people working with me is that, beside owning all the technical skills about design, pattern, sales, marketing, brand, merchandising, it, R&D, admin and so on, we need to remember that we are all human beings with our bodies, our minds, our emotions. When we work on a project we do interact with other people, we do not interact with skills.

If we do not understand the very basic differences between personalities… it will be quite difficult to work together in a team with people who is thinking and feeling and acting differently than what we do!

The best way to me is starting to know ourselves a little bit, just to bring attention to few, little important things.

In this workshop I was meeting design finalists for the second time (first one was in march, see dedicated article).
To become aware of who we are, we start from our body. Closed eyes – with the help of a ISKO® denim blindfold,  the drums are supporting us to get our feet in touch with the ground. We allow our body to move in the space, shaking the body and breathing.

We first move our body, we wake up our energy. We then express our feelings with the left hand, alone, with no interactions with the others. Neither inspiration nor conditionings from outside: we just let flow what we feel inside, from our core creative center, the most powerful, the most unique!

We first move our body, we wake up our energy. We then express our feelings with the left hand, alone, with no interactions with the others. No inspiration or conditionings from outside: we just let flow what we feel inside, from our core creative center, the most powerful, the most unique!

Then it’s time to go back to the circle, it’s time for sharing this experience. Sharing is free and not mandatory at all. During the sharing I carefully listen all of you, without judging. There is no right or wrong way to feel… there is your way, which is absolutely fine. When you are open to hear that, I provide you some feedbacks.

Ph credits: Stefania d’Alessandro.

PM was dedicated to marketing award finalists. I was meeting them for the first time, so we went through the images work.

When I explain the exercise it all appear very simple: 4 minutes talking about the image, 4 minutes listening without interfering, 4 minutes observing the relationship between who is talking and who is listening.

As soon as we start with the actual sharing in groups of three people, the simple exercise becomes something new, inexperienced, awkward. Who is used to talk fluently feels immediately without words, who defines himself a good listener acknowledges not to be able to just listen for even 2 minutes without expressing his own opinion to the other. The role of the observer is always bringing to light the difference between watching and judging. Don’t you think those skills are quite important when working in a team … and of course when living in a society?!

Last session was dedicated to the Tutors: teachers coming from all over the world, sharing their approach with students. A fruitful hour in which we went through cultures, generations and teaching attitude.

Thank you with all of my heart for your trust, for your sharing and opening up. The more we become conscious about the way we are, the more we can contribute to a better world, made of more responsible human beings. This is just my contribution, a way of seeing things. In case you like it you can share this article and we can work together.

With love, Marina

Ph credits: Stefania d’Alessandro.