13 May 2021

In companies we now talk a lot about purpose: the ultimate goal, that key element that drives the business, that goes beyond profit.
It is clear to everyone now that the organisational model whose sole purpose is to make a profit does not attract talent and no longer works.
Paradigms have changed, and I personally find myself much better off working with both young people and companies that share this shift.
Similarly, each of us is looking for our own meaning, our own personal purpose: how do I contribute to making this planet a better place? How do I leave my mark?
We all have an impact, it’s about being aware of it and managing this impact in the best possible way, governing it. We all consume, food, CO2, products, services, relationships… right?
Today, I want to reflect on two important aspects to explore in the search for our purpose: passion and profession.
Over the last few weeks we have been working in depth on what you like to do, and what you are good at doing.
When you like something and you are good at it, call it a PASSION.
Now let’s move on to what you can do, your skills.
Take the list of your qualities and the list of your best decisions as a starting point.
For which activities do you get paid or paid? For which of your passions and qualities could you get paid?
Ideally, we would do a job that includes – or at least partly includes – one of our passions, right?! This would mean being able to work with pleasure.
Try to list the tasks you have done, one by one.
Go through your working life and write down every thing you did for which you received money in return.
I’ll list mine, I hope it inspires you… just write yours down, OK?
Babysitting, trade fair and supermarket promotions, making coffee, serving in the pub, cleaning the bathroom, secretary, dress shop assistant, assistant manager, ski instructor, beginner’s English teacher, sewing and scarf making, commercial office worker, sales analysis, collection structure, pricing, presentations, creative management, travel, sales campaigns, trade fairs, talking to people, translating, researching clothes, visiting shops, project management, teaching, helping others, studying, designing classes…
When you are capable, you are good at something and you get paid to do it, then that is or can be your PROFESSION. Don’t just think of your job by associating it with the organisation you work for. We have all had bad experiences.
Is it the job itself or is it the situation you don’t like? Don’t get confused, keep separate lists: if you throw everything together it will be difficult to find your way.
Sometimes we struggle because our individual purpose does not correspond with our organisational purpose.
Before changing jobs it is important to be clear about:
1. what you like and what you are good at, and therefore your passions;
2. what you are good at, what you are paid or could be paid for, i.e. your profession.
Everyone has their own mix, we are unique, authentic human beings.
We can contribute with our experience, with what we have integrated, made our own!
And if we are at the beginning of our career path, we can contribute with our freshness and our curiosity, with our desire to learn!
It is through experience that we learn to recognise what we like from what we don’t like.
We train ourselves to do things well, and at some point we get paid for that.
Sometimes, bad experiences serve us well, they serve us to learn what is not good for us, what costs us too much to bear, in terms of both effort and values.
We’re not done here, next week we’re opening up to the world, be ready and prepared!
I’ll be waiting for you next, with a little more authenticity!