4 March 2020


What does it mean to be realised? In what? Why? What does self-realization mean?

To become truly and fully ourselves.

To accept and grow what we really are. It is an intrinsic process: I have everything inside, I realise myself by becoming what I already am.


In our society it is easy to think of self-realization as an extrinsic process: I realise myself when I have a good job, I earn good money, I have a nice home … everything I want, if I work there, I can get it.

Then am I happy? Am I satisfied? How long does happiness last? So, why do we often feel a void?

What make us intimately happy are not easily reaching goals, but that these goals are worth it, that they really belong to ourselves and not to others. We really feel good when we help make the world a better place.

Carl Rogers describes a functioning and self-realization oriented person as: open and non-defensive, aware, who accepts herself, who manages to adapt creatively to the environment, knows how to live in harmony with others.

Isn’t this the path we take in search of our authenticity? In the workshops and individual courses of Counseling we learn to recognise our defence mechanisms, to bring awareness into our everyday life. We learn to tell ourselves the truth and to be authentic, that is, we align thoughts, emotions, actions starting from the present moment, from the here and now.

In my 14 years of company I have learned and experimented a lot, I had fun, exhausted, I cried and laughed a lot, I quarrelled, I fell in love and I met fantastic people. My way of living things has always been intense and total, but the realisation was always linked to the salary, to want more, to want recognised all the energy that I have always put to my work.

When I founded Mestieri-LAB® in 2014 I spent months, or rather the first years, completely changing the paradigm: my realisation could not depend on the turnover, otherwise I would not have had the motivation necessary to start this project. I started asking myself questions: what gives me energy and makes me feel good?


Supporting others in change is the main source of satisfaction. Every time a project is added I feel a strong push to go deeper and study, and this also gives me energy! Changing places often satisfies my need for novelties: classrooms and companies in different cities. Working from home and in the studio makes me feel protected and surrounded by love and beautiful things. I have a curious and insatiable character, so this push I feel inside makes me move from one project to another without making too much effort, what I know is never enough for me. Designing is a fixation for me, I know my neurotic trait well and I know I can count on it! Yes, I’m happy, satisfied and I feel fulfilled in the here and now.


What about you?


Stay tuned! We will be back soon by talking about change. In the meantime, go read our latest articles!