Towards responsible growth, together

Team Building &
Authentic Leadership

Activities tailored to improve dialogue and collaboration among teams within fashion companies.
Every person, when guided in the right way, can become a reference point for others and lead towards change. With this awareness, we help teams create sustainable and authentic relationships for the benefit of the entire company. We do this through play and creativity, in the style of Mestieri LAB.

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Problem Solving
Product Development, Marketing & Supply Chain Sustainability

Consultancies designed to help companies rediscover the inspiration needed to create authentic products, from research and development to communication strategy. Our approach places the individual at the center and makes collaboration its strength. Within the supply chain, we identify partners who can best accompany the business in its journey towards a more sustainable future.

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Talent Matching

Are you a company in search of creative and authentic talents? Are you a student looking for a responsible company that cares about people? Our goal is to create sustainable and effective connections between the fashion industry and young talents: we help you identify the right person or experience for you at this moment.

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