Our approach to training

100% AUTHENTIC YOU® is a training method designed to stimulate the learning of new skills and awaken dormant resources through creativity. Non-verbal expression, through play and movement, allows us to loosen our defenses, creating the right space for training. This is how we exercise soft skills and learn to apply them to the context.

This is what we call “working on the sustainability of human relationships.”

100% AUTHENTIC YOU® is a flexible and customizable method with a variety of modules easily adaptable to the context, location, number of participants, and available time.

All of this happens through play because playing is a serious matter!

To work seamlessly in today’s context with all stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, collaborators, colleagues, consultants…) it is crucial to learn about ourselves and manage relational dynamics.

We are all individuals, all human beings made up of mind, body, and emotions. To create authentic projects and products, we must be connected to our passion, our deeper motivation, and be able to work in a team.

Working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, we at Mestieri LAB have seen companies with a strong product and impeccable storytelling, connected with their consumers, led by brilliant and talented individuals, but ultimately ruining the brand and the team and unable to make a leap in quality. The reason for this difficulty comes from a lack of awareness about how they function and an inability to play as a team.

Authenticity is a fundamental value if we want to be credible in our role and with the products we create.

Authenticity is what allows us to choose how to face different contexts and situations while remaining true to ourselves.

That’s why we created 100% AUTHENTIC YOU®. A method that makes people more aware of their personality, how they perceive reality, and how they relate to others. To become more self-assured, agile, and resilient while staying true to their authenticity.

People learn, through play, to use their resources more functionally, creatively adapting to the various scenarios the external environment presents. To do this, only one true ingredient is needed: the unique and unmistakable person that each of us is, the original mix of mind, thoughts, body, and emotions.

Our 100% AUTHENTIC YOU® method adapts to various contexts:

– in companies with individuals in different roles, from interns to CEOs;

– in schools with students;

– in schools with students;

– with creatives who want to experience growth together.

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