Product Development, Marketing,
& Supply Chain Sustainability


Product Development, Marketing,
& Supply Chain Sustainability

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“To create authentic products, we need to connect with our passion and be able to work well as a team. Authenticity is a fundamental value if we want to be credible in our role and transmit it to the resources we lead. Through this rediscovery, we can contribute to making human relationships more sustainable and therefore more profitable within our teams.

A team that functions authentically is united in its contributions to find the most effective solutions quickly, in a process of continuous learning and growth.”

Vladimiro Baldin, Co-Founder of Mestieri LAB

What do we do?

We offer consulting and temporary management services to companies in the fashion industry:we help them rediscover the passion for creating authentic products, developing them, presenting them to the market, and enhancing every ingredient with thoughtful communication. All of this with the human being at the center.

We provide tools to stimulate corporate teams to function better, enhancing the human and relational aspect.. It’s in this way only that it is possible to trigger change responsibly, even with a product. At the same time, we offer the experience and connections gained in the industry to convey the practical aspects of the profession.

How do we do it?

360-degree sustainability

Every link in the Italian supply chain is a concentration of creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, and culture. And when the experiences of the brands come together, knowledge multiplies!

That’s why we believe that the key to sustainable development is to conceive the supply chain as an ecosystem, formed by many actors collaborating with each other, becoming true partners. Companies that, like us, act guided by a strong social, environmental, and governance responsibility.

Where Mestieri LAB does not reach, partner companies do:we team up with the best leaders
in the textile and fashion sector
, identifying within the ecosystem those who can accompany you in the change process, towards a better and more sustainable future. Mestieri LAB coordinates and supervises every phase of the accompanying project, which is always tailor-made.

Our proposal

Creative process and collection design

Every product, every collection, is the expression of a research and design process. Sometimes, in a company, one adheres to a single method rather than exploring different approaches, thereby missing the opportunity to innovate.

This practical-cut consultation is designed to give a new creative impetus to work teams, facilitating collaboration: first, we bring out the current research methods, areas of inspiration, and the product creation process; then, we provide stimuli to awakennew forms of creativity.

We work side by side to help the team absorb, rework, and cross-fertilize ideas and inspirations to create an authentic, unique, and original product, in line with the project’s feasibility

Research and Development
Made in Italy product

A service designed to accompany your business from the idea phase to the concrete fulfillment of the product.

R&D (Research & Development) is the connection point between creative thinking and the market, acting as a bridge that makes inspiration tangible. The relationship between designers and developers is fundamental: to create authentic products capable of conveying emotions, empathy, trust, and respect are needed, along with an excellent knowledge of the supply chain.

Our collaboration with the excellences of Made in Italy creates a virtuous circle where knowledge intertwines, creativity is enhanced, and relationships become agile and sustainable. An ecosystem to draw from and to contribute value to:

– Combed wool, Biella district
– Carded wool, ragpickers, Prato district
– Silk and Nylon, Como district
– Denim, Veneto district
– Eyewear, Belluno district
– Footwear, districts of the Riviera del Brenta and Marche
– Leather goods, Tuscany district

Marketing and Sales Strategy

A product succeeds when it is well positioned in the market and effectively communicates with its target audience. Together with the team, we explore all those fundamental and necessary actions for the product and its concept to reach people’s hearts: market analysis, offer structure, pricing positioning, sales strategy, communication. Actions that, to be effective, must work in synergy with the ideation and development of the product, aligning creativity with strategy..

You can rely on our guidance for:

– Brand Management
– ⁠Merchandising & Buying
– ⁠Retail Management
– ⁠Marketing & Communication

To position the right amount of products at the right price, at the right time, and in the right place.

Visual Merchandising

The goal of Visual Merchandising consulting is to provide your team with the techniques and creativity needed to enhance the brand’s identity in the retail space, no longer just a place of purchase but a stimulating, exciting, and strategic space for customer loyalty..

We combine the human aspect with technical and strategic aspects. In addition to explaining the basic requirements for retail activities, such as setting up points of sale, shop windows, and showrooms, we put the group in a position to develop and train empathy, the ability to put oneself in the shoes of others. We accompany people in the discovery of themselves, their image, and the characteristics to bring into play to contribute to enhancing the product’s soul and creating connections with the target audience.

Sustainable supply chain communication and brand storytelling

According to The State of Fashion 2024, the annual report on the state of fashion produced by McKinsey & Company with The Business Of Fashion, in 2024, it will be imperative for fashion companies o tell their identity through truer and more authentic communication, less focused on products and more consistent with their values.

Just as we need someone to look at us and tell us the color of our eyes (because without a mirror, we would be unable to discover it), at the same time, we need – sometimes – an external eye to tell us about ourselves.

Without arrogance, we are that eye. Because we live in the flow of information and contemporaneity. Because we have one foot inside and one foot outside the companies. Because we are updated regarding the industry’s trends and narrative. A narrative that today needs new depth.

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