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Enhancing dialogue for
a common goal

Here, you’ll find our tailored solutions to improve communication within your fashion company. Through the Authentic Leadership course, we assist your collaborators in becoming reference points for others, fostering a climate of total collaboration. Our Team Building activities facilitate the creation of sustainable relationships within teams, improving mutual trust, dialogue, and internal conflict management.

All of this is achieved through creativity and play: we believe this is the right path to access people’s resources more easily and create connections.
Benefiting the entire organization.

Team Building Activities

The textile and fashion industry is an extraordinary world with a myriad of potential. To express this potential and work smoothly in today’s context, it becomes essential to manage the internal relational dynamics of each company.

It’s not always easy, is it? The reason is that people are often unaware of how they function. Consequently, understanding others and teamwork becomes challenging.

Through a creative and experiential approach, we guide your company’s employees in rediscovering their authenticity, favoring the development of more sustainable and, therefore, more profitable relationships among individual colleagues, teams, and departments.

What’s your goal?

– Increase trust among individuals?
– Facilitate collaboration and dialogue?
– Facilitate collaboration and dialogue?

Tell us which aspects you’d like to strengthen, and we’ll propose personalized workshops perfectly aligned with your organization’s needs.

We offermodules of a minimum of 4 hours, to be conducted in person or online.


Our method

Mestieri LAB’s Team Building activities include an initial non-verbal work phase based on movement, space management, physical interaction, and play. We believe strongly in this approach because it allows for the loosening of defenses and openness to change.

Participants use symbolic objects to facilitate self-discovery, understanding their own functioning and that of others. By becoming aware of themselves as individuals and team members, people can create connections and engage in authentic dialogue with others.

In the final part of the workshop, we introduce verbal communication, allowing each participant to share what they’ve learned and integrate it into their daily work life.


Learn more about our method

To create authentic products, we must first know ourselves. The unique ingredient, the one that adds value to our project, is us.

Authentic Leadership course

Our Authentic Leadership course is designed to enhance the leadership skills of individuals within companies, with the aim of improving communication among collaborators, teams, and departments.

Leadership has nothing to do with commanding; on the contrary! At Mestieri LAB, we refer to the ability to inspire and guide others, to focus on goals and achieve them sustainably, without imposing or forcing but motivating inclusively and assertively.

Everyone can exercise these skills if guided correctly. We do this through creativity, with a method that combines non-verbal and verbal expression, play, and movement. Knowing ourselves is the first step: authenticity is the key to creating connections and encouraging people to work with us to achieve a common purpose.

How is the course structured?

The complete Authentic Leadership course consists of 4 modules for a total of 16 hours.
Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose all, some, or just one of the modules, following the order proposed by us or the one that feels most aligned with your requirements.

You explain the problem to solve, and we propose a tailor-made course.

It is aimed at all creatives in the fashion industry: from managers to newcomers, and generally, anyone who must manage interpersonal relationships effectively to facilitate cooperation.

Course format

16-hour course:
Online: 8 sessions of 2 hours each
In-person: 4 sessions of 4 hours each or 2 sessions of 8 hours each

The four modules

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