8 March 2022

BAO: How did your passion start?

Shivalika: When I was a little girl I used see my father painting with colours on canvas with his favourite brushes, used old brushes with different colours layers coated on it. I always wanted to hold that brush and paint fearlessly all my fears on canvas, this is how my art journey started.

BAO: How would you define your art? What do you want to communicate and convey?

Shivalika: I draw my emotions on canvas, I am grateful that I have a medium through which I can express myself and a canvas to trust with my emotions, emotions are the only key of life. Our lives move with emotions, we experience different emotions, we hide them from ourselves and art hold your hand to go on fearlessly, to express yourself. So that you can be yourself.

BAO: How does your creative process come about? What inspires you?

Shivalika: The universe is filled with colours, I see colours everywhere, the colours around me inspires me to create more. We face different levels of life some are colourful and some are not. I see colours as emotions which completes my journey of art.
I create art with faces that reflects human emotions, shapes as life and colours as journey.

BAO: How do you think authenticity relates to artistic creation? How do you live it in your creative process?

Shivalika: Authenticity plays important role when it comes to artistic creativity, as we all trying to find authenticity to our lives.
Art is not something that is about being good or bad beautiful or ugly, a true art is free and freedom is authentic.
Creating something needs to be truly real, making art demands all yourself.

BAO: What difficulties, if any, do you face today in making your art known? Would you need something that is now missing?

Shivalika: Nowadays people go for beautiful things, they like art that is beautiful. In my opinion If you are expressing yourself it is the most beautiful thing, the only difficulty I find in my art journey that how can I paint something that is beautiful or myself. I cannot change people’s mind but I will definitely try to keep expressing myself freely.