27 January 2021


At the end of this Monday’s episode of the podcast “Re-Discover Your Authenticity” (Italian only), I greet you by saying that in order to start telling ourselves the truth we need:

1. courage to see ourselves for what we are

2. humility to accept what we learn about ourselves and

3. discipline to act.

This is why so many of us sit around waiting for things to change on their own:

– it is easier to get used to tension and discomfort than to take the situation into our own hands and make a change;
– it is easier to complain than to tell the truth;
– “complaining” requires a lot of energy, and so if we choose that path we no longer have the strength to do anything else.

That is why we continue to live in an inauthentic way and we feel bad.
We don’t have the energy to use to find a solution.

The fact is that when we are inside our bubble, we don’t realize it.

I told you about this in this article, remember?

Something starts not working as we would like, we start to complain, we lose energy and little by little we get used to this condition, just as we get used to many things, don’t we?

Being true to yourself is about what you are doing, thinking and feeling at this very moment.

Do you listen to yourself when you make a decision?
Are you present?
Have you ever said “yes” so as not to disappoint the other person?

Try to think about it… Come on, for once… come on, come on… otherwise he’ll get angry… come on, so I’m not alone….

What does that decision mean for your life? What consequences does your YES have?
Have you realized that you said yes because of your need to please the other person?

Start now to tell yourself the truth, then you will begin to see much more clearly everything that is happening to you, and make decisions that are consistent with your nature, with your true way of being.

As we begin to make decisions in line with our being, our life acquires meaning, and we are doing better.

We are authentic when we tell ourselves the truth in every moment.

Let’s practice with the little things.

Let’s learn to tell ourselves the truth about the little things.

Let’s switch off the autopilot and start listening to ourselves!

In this way we learn to be authentic. The more authentic we are, the more we make decisions in line with our nature, and the happier we are.

I don’t mean that everything will always go well for us and that we won’t have problems… I mean that we will feel better about ourselves, more able to face reality and contribute to our own fulfillment.

This doesn’t mean that in life we only ever do what is good for us and who cares about others! It is about recognizing things for what they are and starting to tell the truth to yourself.

Let’s imagine that your friend or colleague asks you:
“Do you feel like reviewing my article by tomorrow morning?”
That’s not part of your task, it’s about whether you feel like it.
Do you want to?
Let’s say you have a lot to do that day, you’re tired, and the topic of the article doesn’t interest you at all.

Your truth is: ‘No, I don’t feel like it’.

As a first step, tell yourself this, OK?

If you are already able to answer with a sincere NO without feeling bad towards the other person, say no!

If, on the other hand, you are still struggling, start by writing down every evening in your notebook how many YESes you have said so as not to disappoint the other person, not to argue, not to feel guilty. You may not even know the reason why you say YES instead of NO.

Start to realize this, because YESs that are actually NOs are very expensive.

If we get used to not expressing our truth, or worse, not feeling it anymore, we lose the ability to be authentic. Our being becomes totally disconnected from reality, so we are not well.

Anxiety, depression, or just general dissatisfaction, discomfort, lack of vitality…
This distance between the inside and the outside generates great stress for our system.

To feel well, there should be no difference between what we say and do and what we think and feel.

By wearing a mask we end up not knowing who we really are.
We become our own mask.
Without authenticity there is only stress, fatigue, the fatigue of being what we are not.

See you soon, with an extra bit of authenticity!