9 May 2021

Now you are clear about which things you like, which things give you energy and which things you are good at, right?
Have you noticed that some of these things come easier to you than others?
Talent is a gift we are born with, a natural inclination to be able to do something spontaneously, without effort.
It’s that thing or set of things that come easy to us, for which we are suited, but if we don’t know this part of ourselves and don’t use it to the best of our ability, what’s the point?
Talent is of little use if it is not accompanied by creativity.
Creativity is something very big, very deep. It is life force in action, it is freedom, it is individuality. It is exposing oneself, expressing oneself, taking risks, trying new paths.
It is intelligence having fun.
Being creative does not mean being an artist. It means being free to have thoughts that are different from those of the masses and socially accepted, to be free to look for unusual solutions, to be flexible, original and fluid.
I have been working in fashion for 20 years, and I know a lot of creative people.
You learn to design, you learn to create collections. Taste is refined, style changes over the years. Sometimes we confuse knowing how to do these things with being creative.
Creativity must be cultivated, it must be nurtured. It’s inside you, yes, you have it too.
Generate and give birth to something from nothing.
Detach yourself for a moment from the common idea of creativity and try to think of those moments where you are in the flow – where time is flowing, and you are absorbed in what you are doing. You enjoy doing it because you like it, it gives you satisfaction. You’re happy because you’re trying a new recipe, customising it, adapting it to your own tastes. You create a new version.
What makes you stay in the flow? Learn to observe when your body is alive, your mind is there but it’s not judging, it’s observing, it’s quiet. You are simply happy.
Can you think of something you do but never thought of as something creative?
The ability to generate is within us. It has to be trained, it has to be kept alive in the little things of everyday life, otherwise it dies out.

If you are curious about this topic, on Wednesday evening 19 May at 20.30 we will explore together online what it means to ‘feel the creativity flow’. There is still room for you too, join us! Sign up here.
Creativity allows us to do enjoyable activities, to feel better, to reduce stress, but also to find out-of-the-box solutions to everyday problems.
So yes, it is also useful in business, studies and relationships.
There are many studies on this subject, in my feed you will find really interesting articles explaining what happens in our brain when creativity is awake!
I look forward to seeing you next week, with an extra bit of authenticity!