19 February 2020


Aware of taking the risk of sounding banal, today I would like to share with you the meaning of talent, creativity and potential.

Those who attend my seminars say that I arrive because I speak in a simple way, which reaches everyone. Over the years I have noticed that apart from the role that a human being plays in an organisation, my way of relating is authentic, it does not affect me the role of the person in front of me, rather I am interested in finding a common language, words that for both (or more than just the two of us) have the same meaning. I don’t expect that the CEO knows exactly the meaning of the words I use, it depends on what experiences they have lived in relation to that word. I met municipal employees much more creative than some stylists, not for this able to design a collection!

For this reason I chose to use a simple vocabulary, the same for everyone, which allows everyone to enter the experience as a human being, beyond the role.


Talent is a gift that we have from birth, a natural inclination to know how to do something spontaneously, without effort.

It is that thing or that set of things that we do in an easy way, but if we do not know this part of us and do not make the best use, what sense does it make?

Talent is of little use if not accompanied by creativity.

Creativity is something very big, profound. It is a vital force in action, it is freedom, it is individuality.

It is exposing ourselves, expressing ourselves, taking risks, trying new paths.

It is intelligence that has fun.


Being creative does not mean being an artist. It means being free to have thoughts different from those of the mass and socially accepted, being free to look for unusual solutions, being flexible, original and fluid.

What does it block creativity?

– The fear of making a mistake: so I back off just to avoid heavy emotions.

– The unwillingness to get involved: playing is a serious matter!

– Having too many certainties.

How can we be freer?

Lose ourselves and then find new ways, make room for silence, suspend judgment, dare more, oppose to the rush.


Do you remember at school interviews when the teacher was saying to the parents:

“She/he’s good but she/he could do much more!”

What is that “much more”? It is what has the possibility of being realised, because it exists in potential, therefore the potential.

There are means and resources, they are inside us, but we do not use them all because we are not even aware of having them.

First of all, the resources must be awakened, and then trained so that we can then use all their power.

Stay tuned! We will be back to the topic soon by talking about resources, strengths and critical points. In the meantime, go read our latest articles!