7 December 2018


100% AUTHENTIC YOU® is a soft skills development workshop, designed to support young talents in their creative process and beyond. An experience to help new generations in being authentic, responsible and aware.

Being a designer today is quite challenging, and I strongly believe both emerging talents and experienced ones need a support for their personal development. The market is full of products and the competition is extremely high. Is it enough to be good at concept design? Either good at sketching? Merchandising a collection? Rather than being a perfect developer? What makes the difference between you and the others?

YOU make the difference, with your authenticity and your uniqueness!

My work is about training soft skills and awake inner resources for a better life.

The 2 days workshop is made of 4 phases.


We usually choose an image based on aesthetics, to impress someone else. With this experience we get in touch with our senses and explore our feelings.

After each phase, we do check how do we feel and whenever someone is feeling uncomfortable or not at ease, we open a space and we work on it with Gestalt techniques.

After moving our body to awake senses and energy, we express our emotions from our core creative center. To get in touch with our unconditional creativity we do use the hand we usually don’t.

When we do open space for individual works, something magic happens!


Walking blindfolded in the park, led by someone else, without talking!

How do you feel about it? Do you feel more comfortable in leading or being led? How much do you like responsibility?

The same couple is then working on the artworks created in phase #2. Exchange the project and continue working on your mate’s one. How does it feel?

We then take some time for sharing this experience.


How to use step #1, #2, #3 key learning during a presentation. Expressing our true self with authenticity, learning how to give and receive feedbacks on our projects without taking all comments too personally. When we do love our job we get pretty much identified with it, but if we observe it from a distance (learned in #1), we are then able to receive feedbacks and … to grow!


Students are becoming more aware about their personality, the way they perceive the reality and relate with other people. Being aware of our schemes help us to feel better when relating to other people both at school and at work (and… in life!).


– – Thank you for this very positive experience that allowed me in a unexpected way to get to know my self better.

– All what I learned can by applied both at school, and in my future job, and in my life! Thanksss.

– Thank you for these 2 days. Wishing this workshop was a requirement for everybody.

– I am still feeling great, thank you so much.

– Thank you for an amazing experience.

– Thank you for this unusual experience that helped me to see my project from a distance and be able to think about how I influence the process.

– Thank you for this amazing workshop.

– Thank you for helping me in being more focused whilst keeping creativity high


All students attending a creative/ fashion/ design /fashion business school.