24 April 2021

Where does your life energy come from?

When we live an authentic life things start to flow, things start to go right. We are in tune with ourselves, we give ourselves goals to achieve that are congruent with our nature, with our intrinsic values.

It is our motivation that drives us.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the reason why we do things, the reason why we take action: MOTIV-ATION.

We often expect this reason to come from outside: financial reward, recognition of how good we are and how beautiful we are. Seeing results is motivating, but not always everything depends on us, right?

When our expectations are not met, we feel tired, disappointed, without energy: we lack motivation.

So let’s answer an essential question: WHAT GIVES YOU ENERGY?

Having an intrinsic purpose – our own, which does not depend on others – that guides us to act, a reason in line with our values, allows us to give meaning to our path, and to grow.

Last week we worked precisely on bringing attention to what you like.
Try re-reading your list: is even a small part of it present in your daily work? By work I mean what you do: cleaning the house, being a CEO, working in a factory, being a doctor, a lawyer, an artist… studying, taking care of children, the elderly… whatever activity you do during the day: do you enjoy it?
Do you get energy from that activity or do you just give it?

Often we are very clear about what we don’t like, what we don’t like anymore, a little less clear about what we really like, what we are passionate about, right?

If you don’t have a goal, if you don’t have a direction to aim for, it’s hard to find intrinsic motivation.

By intrinsic I mean it’s yours, it’s inside you, it doesn’t depend on the outside.
If we make motivation dependent on the external environment it is almost guaranteed that we will be disappointed.

Listen to the last episode of the podcast, maybe Olivia’s story will help you.

When we find our intrinsic motivation, life takes on a different flavour.

Once again this week I suggest an exercise. Take out your notebook and let’s explore your curiosity, your enthusiasm, your interests.
Drink some water, move around a bit, take a few deep breaths: remember that to do good work we need mind, body and emotions.

Which books are you interested in?
What films? Exhibitions? Conferences….
What themes interest you?
What intrigues you?
What could you talk about for hours?
What are the things that fascinate you?
When do you feel enthusiasm?

Now re-read your answers and underline with a nice colour the words that you feel spark motivation in you.

When we find the reason why we do things, we are able to see our lives from a broader perspective. The closer we get to being ourselves, the more we listen to our wise inner voice, the more we learn to ask ourselves questions:
what really makes sense for me?
what is really important?

As we become more authentic, as we learn to dedicate ourselves to those activities that really matter to us, we begin to give our lives meaning, direction.
Our lives take on a different meaning, we start to flow!

Authenticity is at the heart of the meaning of our lives.

The more you know yourself, the more you are able to give meaning to your existence: the direction is clearer, you give it.

I look forward to seeing you next week, with a little more authenticity!