Soft skills today are part of our CV and self awareness can make the difference for next generations to face this fluid society.

We go through creativity meant as a transversal skill, allowing us to develop self awareness and to adapt to the environment without loosing our point of view.


  • _creativity booster

  • _resources and limits

  • _trust and teamwork

  • _giving and receiving feedbacks


  • _students from all curricula

  • _teachers

  • _multi cultural

  • _multi age


  • _two hours class

  • _one day workshop

  • _two days workshop

  • _12 hours program

  • _to more…


Participants become more aware of their personality, of the way they perceive reality and relate to others. They learn not to identify completely with the project and to see it in a detached way when needed, so they can be able to receive feedback and integrate it into the learning and professional growth process. They learn to observe themselves, to learn more about what resources to deploy based on the demands of the environment. They learn to be more grounded and self-confident while being flexible and resilient.

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