CASA_ground floor

CASA_GROUND FLOOR. A friend recently came to see us for the first time and said: "Marina, this HOME is YOU in every single detail!". This feedback actually inspired me to write about our HOME and to share with you the stories behind things. Welcome to our creative space where we hope to inspire you [...]

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Wear Your Words Proudly on Your Skin

Wear Your Words Proudly on Your Skin. July 12, 2017, Milano, BASE: ISKO I-Skool 4th edition Mestieri-LAB® together with ISKO for a new WORKSHOP mixing Denim, Words and Creativity. LAB's jurors: Ella Grace Denton, Verena Erin, Simone Guidarelli The president of the Design Award: Adriano Goldschmied, denim godfather . Participants: 20 Designers coming from 16 different [...]

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WOOD WOOD WOOD. Talking about heritage, we received a major gift: raw wood boards. So I asked to my friend Giorgio how to keep them raw whilst clean, I mean we do like raw effect but we wanted to use  the boards as main part of our interior throughout the whole house. First [...]

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