A creative experience in a community of mental sick beautiful people.

Creativity, inclusivity, upcycling: what’s the common thread?

Nobody is perfect, we all need to deal with our imperfections, with our insecurities, with our weakness, our wounds.
Why not doing it through creating beautiful things with what we already have?

The workshop, consisting in 6 meetings of 2 hours each, involves all guests of the community I volounteer for:  from schizophrenia, to depression, to mental delay, bipolar disorder… all of them got in touch with their unicity and create beautiful things with denim and textiles left overs.



We started touching and feeling the little swatches of denim, then writing on the fabric with markers, doing trials as it happen industrially! We were playing with words, with techniques, with colors. What surprised me more is the purity behind every single word and action. I’m so used to work with young designers who needs lots of research before showing their idea that I did not expect to meet such a pureness!

Look at the words they choose, how delicated are color combo, how much JOY and LOVE there is inside a person that is considered – not normal. So what is normal?


We then got a huge swatches book from interior textile company: here the energy was turned on by the colors, the texture, combinations.

What can we do with all of this beautiful textile? Here I felt the need of giving each person the possibility to choose what the like the most. One guy with big hands loved to create the lace made of beads for the little bags, another one liked making color combo for patchwork table cloth, someone else did like hand sewing.

Look at this!




Why don’t we create a community of people willing to support mental health with creativity and upcycling?

Contact me if you want to join!