Growing consciously

Tailored courses and workshops

Our training proposal is different from all the others because it places the human being at the center, valuing their uniqueness. This is our distinctive mark, and it’s how we approach our courses: respecting individual perspectives, without pushing, facilitating personal and professional growth in an atmosphere of trust.

Each course is tailor-made to meet the needs of each fashion school, here and now. We design it together: you tell us your needs, we bring you the what and the how. And we do it by combining technical and relational skills.

What we offer: our training for working in the fashion industry

Mestieri LAB’s training offers a 360-degree view because it combines two sides of the same coin: technical (hard skills) and human and relational aspects (soft skills). Both are essential to allow each individual to express their potential consciously!

We have extensive experience in the fashion industry, and our goal is to transmit it to students through customized courses. We teach the practical and concrete aspects of the profession, offering immersive experiences in a field where creativity and innovation are present throughout the value chain. To enter the world of work with a kit of useful and necessary tools.


In addition to technical skills, we work on the sustainability of human relationships, in true Mestieri LAB style.


Soft skills: why they are at the center of our work

  • We believe in counseling as a tool to accompany students in their journey of inner growth. Only through self-understanding is it possible to develop a strong awareness of one’s creative process.
  • Inside and outside: by learning to observe the context, we develop critical thinking and creative adaptation that each situation requires.
  • We train soft skills, because emotional intelligence, empathy, and listening are fundamental resources for the relationship with ourselves, with the class, and with external interlocutors in the world of work.
  • We teach you how to use creativityas a resource for problem-solving and stress reduction, to find the most congruent expressive form with one’s image and style.

If you want to know more,write to us. Together we will create a personalized program.

What you can do with us

Below are the 7 modules from our training catalog. We can combine them and adapt the content each time, depending on the time and educational objective of your fashion school.

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