7 April 2020


Attracted by the cover showing a cherry blossom, and by the Japanese term, I red a book by Bettina Lemke: IKIGAI.

IKIGAI is a Japanese term that cannot be translated in a single word, but it can be explained by the concept of finding the meaning of life in order to be happy. Japanese culture has always fascinated me and I’ve been so lucky to travel to Tokyo several times for work, almost 15 years ago now.

I want to share some thoughts, which may perhaps be a starting point for your personal growth process, to get to what we call self-realization or to the realization of your life project .

The first questions are:

  • do we have a good reason to get up in the morning?
  • where does our life energy come from?

Many people tell me that I’m lucky because I do a job that I like, so I recharge myself of energy. That’s true, I’m lucky because I was born in a quiet village, surrounded by green, I grew up in a family that gave me both love and rules. I could walk to school, to the woods, skiing, I could play with my friends, fight with my brother, drive my grandmother crazy!

There have been also dark sides in my childhood, a lot of suffering in my family, but I received a lot  and above all I received total freedom to express myself, in any form, that’s why I am creative.

Talking about my job, the path has not been straight: I’ve always put work before everything, I took risks and satisfactions, I went through excesses and very radical positions. I’m not a compliant person, but when I’m in harmony with the project mission I give 100%. From 24 to 36 I changed many jobs, I changed if a project was too narrow for me, aware of my availability to do what so ever job that allows me to keep living!

During those years I was living very intensely, friendships, parties and family, but I was constantly feeling not at ease, looking for balance with the fear of growing and becoming boring.

After many up and down, in 2008 I wondered about the meaning of my life and I started my personal growth process . Intense years of rediscovery. I got to know parts of me that I wouldn’t even thought I had, and slowly I started to put the pieces together, to finally feel whole, myself.

This is a process that continues for the entire life, but now I feel I have a direction and I’m channelling my energy towards what is important to me, so I am fine. Everything can change, my plans, the place where I live, my family. I feel that I have clear reference points: authentic relationships, the contact with nature, the design of a better society and creativity as a base for everything!

I feel love for my life, and I feel I can help other people to improve their life in full respect of the diversity and the uniqueness that distinguishes us as human beings.

Some clients have asked me to focus on this fascinating Japanese model, that is perfect for online webinars. I structured a module consisting of three meetings, one hour each.


The subtitle of Lemke’s text says “find the meaning of life to be happy”: I don’t want to deceive you saying that you can get the result in just 3 hours, it would be too ambitious and presumptuous. I believe indeed we can focus on all those aspects, starting from the small things to get to the big ones, that make us feel good, that give us energy, a strong motivation to deal with our projects of work and of life.

My aim in these three meetings is to give you some ideas on how to feel clearly that we are alive, and that there are many reasons why it is worth existing!

We need to identify the experiences that lead us to feel that sense of fullness and satisfaction, not limiting ourselves to the moments of vacation … but possibly getting inspired by them!


We all need energy and motivation to better face our life and make sense of it. Answers and resources are already within us, we just need to listen to ourselves, get to know ourselves better and therefore understand what makes us “work” well.

Do you want to find out what you’re passionate about?

Do you want to know what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Do you want to know what you are good at and to whom this can be useful?

The course will answer these three questions through thoughts on the topic, exercises and sharing. If you are interested, write me!

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